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Historic Remodel

This historic residence was built about 1912. Ponds & Sons are remodeling this historic home inside and out.

This is a "before" picture of the rear of the historic residence.

The old siding is removed. Insulation is added where there previously was none.

Plywood sheathing is installed. Only one section of the home at a time is remodeled.

Felt paper covers the sheathing. New windows and doors are installed.

The rear of the historic residence has Hardie siding installed. It is now finished on the outside.

Sometimes, remodeling projects uncover damaged wood. This beam will be replaced.

The entire wall was removed here so it could be rebuilt.

The right side of the house is stripped and checked. New insulation, sheathing and siding will be installed.

Plywood and felt paper have now been installed. Next is siding.

Siding is installed and the right side of the home is finished.

The home is finished on the outside.

The home is finished on the outside.