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Selecting a builder can be a challenging task. Choosing the wrong builder can be very expensive and frustrating. Here are a few ideas you can use when selecting a builder to build your next home.

  1. What does the builder normally build? Does the contractor build primarily commercial property? Tract homes? Custom homes? How long has the contractor been building homes?
    1. Ponds & Sons specializes in building high quality custom homes. Our family has been doing this for four generations (about 3/4 of a century) and we have become very good at it. We build a few homes each year and we build them well.
  2. How do the contractor's current construction projects look? You can learn a lot about a contractor by watching how they run projects. Is the area neat and well kept? Are materials covered or protected from the elements? Is excessive material on site? How much material is wasted?
    1. Ponds & Sons cares very much about the appearance of the owner's home site. We will do everything we can to keep the area as neat and uncluttered as possible.
  3. Will the contractor give you a fixed price? Many contractors will only build on a cost plus basis. Cost plus is easier and potentially more profitable for the contractor since no bidding or competitive shopping is required. The more the home costs, the more the contractor makes. Always remember that the lowest bid is not always the best one. Consider the other critical issues: integrity, communication, flexibility, organization and a willingness to work with you.
    1. Ponds & Sons will give you a fixed price bid. It will include allowances unless you can specify exactly what you want up front. You know what you will have to pay before building begins.
  4. Will the contractor keep you updated on progress? Some contractors submit weekly reports, some monthly and some none.
    1. Ponds & Sons posts actual photos on this web site of your home under construction on a frequent (usually daily) basis. You don't have to wonder how things are going, you can simply look. If we build your home, you will be listed on our Current Projects page. Upon completion of your home, we will give you a CD of high resolution photos of your home under construction.
  5. How will you be billed? Will the bill be detailed or just a number you have to "trust"?
    1. Ponds & Sons will provide you with detailed billing information each month. It will show exactly what was completed and what remains to be done. You will be charged only for material that has been installed.
  6. Does the contractor you are considering use schedules and other techniques to keep your home building moving? Some contractors just "fly by the seat of their pants" and some plan and insure things are done in a timely manner.
    1. Ponds & Sons is a technically advanced small custom home builder. We use Gantt charts to map work to be done, coordinate subcontractors, order materials and keep things moving. We also use CAD programs to work out design problems before they become costly mistakes. Our financial records are computerized so you can be sure of their accuracy.
  7. How does the contractor respond to changes? Face it. You will be making changes as your home is being built. You should not feel bad or apologetic about this. You are the customer. Unfortunately, some builders don't like changes and let you know it.
    1. At Ponds & Sons, we welcome changes. The reason for this is that we want you to be very happy with your new home. Sure, it is more work for us, but that is a small price for us to pay to have a highly satisfied customer. We will even bring things to your attention that you might not have considered.
  8. How difficult will it be to contact the contractor?
    1. You can contact Ponds & Sons by phone (843) 846 - 2500, by fax (866) 650 - 3587 (toll-free), by email or in person (24 Gabriel Drive, Lodge, SC 29082). Contact us right now and let's talk about your new home.
  9. Is the builder bonded, licensed and insured?
    1. Ponds & Sons is bonded, licensed and insured. We are happy to provide proof of insurance (general liability and workers comp). Ponds & Sons meets and usually exceed all governmental requirements for quality homebuilders.

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